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Repair, restoration, and sales of woodwind and brasswind instruments.

I have been fascinated with vintage instruments and how they work since I was a kid. I am always searching for great saxophone repair technicians. I have always respected their craftsmanship and enjoyed learning more about saxophones from their perspective.


After moving to Burlington, VT, I needed a tech I trusted to keep my horns in top playing condition. Bill Cole is one of the best in the business, but his shop is two and a half hours away in Saratoga Springs, NY, and Boston is over three hours away. So, gradually, I started (nervously) working on my own horns. Before long, I was buying cheap old horns online and diving down YouTube rabbit holes on saxophone repair. 


During this time, I met Mark Walker, who had a band instrument repair shop in his home in Jericho, VT.  I asked many questions because I was considering starting to offer some repair services for other saxophone players, and he was generous with his time and showed me some basic repair techniques. Before long, I went to Wilmington, NC, and took a week-long Saxophone Basics repair class at I was back down for the Advanced Saxophone Repair class within a year.


Long story short, Mark wanted to retire, and after training me for six months on brass and woodwind instruments, I purchased his tools and built a shop in my backyard in Burlington, VT, now home to First Chair Winds.

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